Peinture Chrome nuance rouge

Peinture imitation Chrome nuance rouge

Peinture chrome bicolore, nuances rouge et argent

Painting booths

Pradier workshops operate the technique of argenture way chromium-plating. This process uses very similar techniques of projection in the spraying of paint. So we free us from expensive constraints of preliminary polishing, from restrictive constraints of dimensions of the baths of galvanoplasty and especially from future bans of a number of chemicals. So, in an accessible cost for most, we can obtain an effect mirror on elements, whatever  the material or the dimensions for an important durability !!!

Furthermore, a post-treatment allows to obtain additional effects or functions as golden effect, colored varnish, varnished soft touch,

For your furnishing projects, arrangement of stores or museum, restoration of vehicles, car tuning, design, art … we can offer you the best techniques of chromatation to obtain the effect you imagined …


With our technique, all the nuances of metals and their alloys can be reproduced on a wide range of materials for a cost lower than the traditional process.


Our paint can be also colored in a wide selection of colors (blue, red, green, yellow) and with effects (copper, brass, stainless steel, tin, polite or raw aluminum, tan, with a contained shine or a maximum of brightness.

Chrome-plated realisations

Innovative process

With argenture without chromium, with water and without hexavalant chromium.

Any shape of parts

from the work of art to the plane seat…

Any material

metal, wood, concrete …

  • Colors 80% 80%
  • Effects 70% 70%
  • Brightness 100% 100%

Endless possibilities

By playing on all the possible variations on colors, the effects, the various levels of shine, we can your propose a 100% personalized depiction.

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