Three companies from Périgord out of four are among the prize-winners of the regional call for projects named “Novus” thrown by the Regional council and the chamber of trade and the crafts. Novus aims at accompanying and at valuing the spirit of creativity and innovation of craftsmen, in one of the 4 following craft categories of innovation: innovation of product, Innovation of process, commercial Innovation and organizational Innovation.

Among 193 candidate companies in Aquitaine, 90 were selected and were able to benefit during 18 months, of a support by an expert of the network innovation of Chambers of trade and crafts throughout the approach of the project: search for skills, partnerships, financing, plan of project, design, intellectual property, etc.


Jean-Marc Pradier of the company “Pradie”r receives the first prize ” Innovation Process “. The latter invented a process which allows to give an aspect chrome-plated in any object. Jean-Marc Pradier, craftsman trading in the automobile, created a new concept to realize effects chromium. ” It is about a process with argenture without chromium and with water, giving an effect chrome-plates with the reflexibility of a mirror. We can also propose variants of colors, yellow, red, blue, explain t-il. This innovation allows an application on any supports(media): gold, cardboard(box), stainless steel, wood, glass.